Tavve’s mission is…

to be the leading worldwide supplier of a security and network management software that allows companies to securely manage applications and devices across firewall partitioned networks.



Tavve (pronounced “TAH-vay”) is dedicated to matching our expert staff’s skills to meet our customers’ DMZ management demands. Tavve products focus on enabling other vendors’ security/systems/network management software to work in and around secure areas such as the DMZ, extranet, untrusted network, hostile network, or remote network. Tavve products are currently deployed at more than 115 customer sites worldwide, representing financial services, insurance, health-care, telecommunications, manufacturing, and retail industries as well as service providers, utilities, and the federal government. Tavve also offers consulting services for network management integration and strategies, and OpenView map management software.

What we do

ZoneRanger is an application-layer proxy firewall appliance for management protocol traffic, which can effectively extend the reach of management applications, such as BMC, HP NNM, CA eHealth, InfoVista, EMC Smarts, IBM Tivoli Netcool, Voyence, OpsWare, NetQoS, NetFlow Tracker, TACACS+, MRTG/PRTG and CiscoWorks, into firewall-partitioned network zones, while mitigating security risk.

The ZoneRanger appliance, working together with the associated Ranger Gateway software component, enables security-conscious customers to avoid the risk of opening large numbers of holes in their firewalls to carry relatively insecure management protocols, while preserving the ability to leverage their investment in centralized management tools across their entire network. ZoneRanger and Ranger Gateway multiplex management protocol traffic over a single secure TLS/TCP connection (encrypted 128 or 256), dramatically reducing the number of firewall rules, and inspect management traffic, mitigating the security risks associated with allowing insecure management protocols to pass through firewalls.