Tavve Software Company, a cybersecurity software company and developer of the ZoneRangerTM, announces Service Pack 2 (SP2) for our next-generation, enterprise-level cybersecurity solution – the ZoneRangerTM 6.0.

ZoneRangerTM 6.0 SP2 expands on the already robust feature set of the ZoneRanger and the FIPS 140-2 validated G-Series ZoneRanger and continues to provide strong encryption to meet the complex, high security requirements of enterprise corporations, DOD, IC, and federal government. The ZoneRangerTM 6.0 SP2 is available as 1U rack-mounted, high availability appliance or as a virtual appliance and has licensing options for small networks up to the largest corporate and government organizations.

Enhancements to ZoneRanger 6.0 SP2 include:

  • IPv6 support for UDP forwarding including traps, syslogs, NetFlow, sFlow and generic UDP.
  • Whitelist and Blacklist support for IPV6 addresses.
  • Login to the ZoneRanger via SSH or telnet using the ZoneRanger’s IPV6 address.
  • HTTP/HTTPS access using the ZoneRanger’s IPV6 address.
  • IPV6 support for the ZoneRanger’s diagnostic tool set.
  • Expansion of the ZoneRanger’s CLI command set.
  • Support for NetFlow v10 / IPFIX.
  • Allowing user to set the primary unit on a redundant pair of ZoneRangers.

“ZoneRanger 6.0 SP2 represents Tavve Software’s commitment to respond to our
customer’s requests for new features that will provide increased usability and
increased security for their networks.” ~ Tavve CEO, Doug Austin

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